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Describing the flying area POIANA BRASOV-Postavarul Peak (1.799m):

-generally it is an open area for flying in winter, as well as in summer; the pilots with at least 2-3 years of flying  have the possibility to fly in thermodynamic, dynamic and in the recommended distance.

-there are two directions for taking off, one is towards  N-V to Poiana Brasov resort, and the other one is towards S to Valea Timisului-Predeal.

-there are two places for taking off at 1.799m high toward North-West and South- on Postavarul Peak, and another  place for taking off at 1.690m high towards North-West-on Cristianul Mare Peak

-the level difference between the taking off and the landing place is of 799m towards N-V and 1.100m on the South side

-the record of the distance in the area: pilot Florin Zorila= 85km (landing near Odorheiul Secuiesc)

-cable transportation: 2 cable cars and 1 gondola; program 9:00 a.m. - 16:00 p.m.

What is a paragliding?

A paragliding is a non rigid  inflated wing that allows a person, after taking off, to float as a bird on the air currents. By using the most sophisticated materials, the paragliding combines both the safety of the parachute and the design of a modern wing. The result is an extremely easily taking off, piloting and landing flying apparatus.

The paragliding weights about 5-7 kg, can be made ready for flying in 5 minutes and fits in a sack!

The pilot is caught/hanged in a chair in sitting position and suspended  with a number of lines .

The paragliding is launched and piloted by using a combination of commands, tie bands and body motions for changing the center of the weight.

Who can fly by paragliding?

Almost everybody can fly a parapanta; you don't need to have a special force or physical condition; all you need is concentration and beeing able to run a few meters. Other important condition is to have the maturity and capacity of carefully listening the given instructions.