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Sura Dacilor

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We invite you in this wonderful place , where the air is so fresh and pure , where the only sound heard is the rustle of the leafs , a place loaded with history....
The three saloons arranged in a pure Romanian style, can host over 300 guests. They fascinate by the heat of the wood and the mystery hidden in the hunting trophies, revealing the antiquity and the charm of a distant Dacian world.
Waiters depicted in those historical times shades welcome you with boiled plum brandy, hot bread baked in the fireplace and delicious authentic meals..
In the most excellent conditions the "Sura Dacilor" Restaurant organizes: receptions, weddings, christenings, cocktails and bussines meeting.  
The restaurant has got a folkmuzic band , which with the other quality services offers to our quests a very pleasant enviroment.

You will feel as our most important guest of times...